“Untitled” for my brother

“Untitled” By Arman Sheffey   Trapped behind a shroud of fading smiles. One false move from cracking and shattering to pieces. Fumbling for the darkness in a world of light… dying to feel something… Something true. Something real. Something of...

NOTHING Is Wasted! #InstarationDevo

In loving memory of my little brother, Rafael who passed away yesterday morning. Though we are separated in flesh for a time you will always be with me bro. If viewing this in your email as a subscriber, click the title link to view the full post. If not, why not get...

The Chapter After Victory

The chapter after victory is often a dark one. However it doesn’t have to be the last one.
Maybe my struggle and that of a great hero of the faith can encourage you.
There are more chapters left to be written.