I. Wait. On. Jesus.

I wait on JESUS.
My waiting is not in vain. Jesus is my salvation, my hope, my rock. Jesus has promised provision. Jesus has promised healing. Jesus has promised a future. Jesus is my everything. But what it truly means to wait on Jesus is to “wait on” Jesus. My service during my patient days is devoted to Him, his glory, his name being spread throughout the land, his testimony of grace in my life being shared, his people being loved… I don’t just wait as though waiting for rain in a drought. I wait as one who plants, tills, fertilizes, waters, protects, and expects the fruit that is promised. I wait on Jesus.

The Heart of a Leader

Have you ever wondered what those you lead think about you? You may have asked them, but are they shooting straight with you? How do you really know if you are the type of leader you think you are? I can tell you this: the less and less you intentionally think about...