Remember the Promises #InstarationDevo

Has someone ever made you a promise? They often will disappoint you and not keep that promise. God is one who always does what He says. Read today’s Instaration Devo and be encouraged to remember the promises of God.

The Rains Will Come

As I watch and pray, it is easy to stay faithful waiting for the new season as I see glimpses of what’s to come. As God feeds me encouragement that He is preparing the new thing, I can with confidence wait on Him. What if that encouragement is missing? What if I am left to trust with no sign of the promise?

The Fruit of Faith (1): Never Turn Back

In my last post I spoke about a game changing day in the realm of evangelism. Well that day was so fierce that there was so much to tell that couldn’t all fit into one good post. This portion of the day wasn’t evangelistic but still memorable and...

Ain't Too Proud to Beg?

Leila, my daughter, has a persistance about her like no other. When she wants something she will try several different techniques to get it. Some of her strategies don’ really make me beam with pride as a father, but others have me smiling in awe often. Some of...