Bringing Sexy Back!

I wonder what is next on the horizon as I follow God into the hard things of life. This lenten season is one I expect God to fill me with a greater clarity and focus for my call as I remove some of the clutter in my heart, my home and my ministry … Click title to read more.

#012: When God Shows Up [Podcast]

There are some things that God won’t do until we go where he has called us to be. When we show up, God will show up.
Listen in and be encouraged to just show up and let God show off.

A Warm Embrace

Have you ever had a day that just seemed to be a perfect one? One of those days where you woke up and birds were chirping your name, the smell of roses in the air… It was all going so well. Leila returned from a super fun birthday sleepover over joyed and full...

Fighting Fear – The Game Changer

When is the last time you’ve had a day that changes things? You know one of those landmark, milestone, game changing days? This past Sunday, was one of those days for me. Since coming to Christ, I have felt a pull to evangelism but at the same time a big amount...

Forgive This…!

Happy Father’s Day!!!! If you are a father, mentor, or intentional role model for anyone then this day is for you, men! It is a day to celebrate biblical manhood and the strength of character that is the calling card of a real man. However, since my mid...