#FAIL: Reflections on Week 2 of Lent

Well, I am sure the title gives away the dramatic conclusion of this post, but this week was a fail. Nevertheless let me take you to the top of this week. It began with a greater focus on family time and I was loving it. After my last post I spent the majority of the...

A New Kind of Lazy – Reflections on Week 1 of Lent

It was early afternoon on the first Saturday of Lent. I found myself, belly full of a delicious omelet sandwich, walking to the family room for what would be the beginning of my weekly veg/chill time in my favorite chair. You might not have a chair as comfy as mine,...

Lent Is Upon Us

And so it begins… HIDE YOUR KIDS! HIDE YOUR WIFE! The season of Lent is upon us! I remember growing up and thinking that Lent was this yearly exercise in torturing your children that my parents for some reason thought was good for me. I knew that it had a lot to do...

I'm Ok With Failing

Striving toward a goal and missing the mark can be hard to deal with. Sometimes, failing can be God honoring success. Read about how in today’s post.

Losing the Battle Without Losing the War

So today, though i failed yesterday, I choose to get back up.
Lent is still real for me, though I slipped. You can lose a battle without losing the war.
Yesterday’s battle goes to my flesh’s desire for sleep, but today I am already winning. I am winning as I reflect on my failure and use it to offer encouragement and hope.