Remembering a King #InstarationDevo

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. “~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #InstarationDevo Subscribe HERE

Spark it up #InstarationDevo

Spark it up! #InstarationDevo Ignite of flame in me that you will use to cause a fire of love to burn in those around me. Subscribe HERE

The Gift that Keeps Giving #InstarationDevo

God gave you this gift of Himself to teach, remind, and comfort as we journey through life’s struggle. Let’s recognize His presence within us, the believers, and be encourage that we are NOT ALONE. Subscribe here

Raise them up and let them fly#InstarationDevo

Hold Your Gifts Close Today #InstarationDevo One of the things I love about the children as arrows analogy is that it gives me this thought of how precious and valuable they are to their parents and also that they should be held close and then let loose in order to do...

Want Lasting Change? #InstarationDevo

There is no point trying to bear fruit or create lasting change without connection to Christ. He is the gardener baby! Click above to view video. Subscribe here