Songs of Grace: The Journey Back from Tragedy

Grace is still real. Grace is still free. Grace awaits us all.
I wonder what story of grace God is weaving in your life now. I can’t say that it will be one of tragedy and recovery like Heather’s, but I can say that it will be yours and part of your quilted story that no one can ever take away. When the enemy begins to play over and over in your head tales of woe, doubt, and shame…
You simply hold onto to SONGS OF GRACE!

I Decide…to Leave it to Grace

I find that life can often change dramatically by our choices. However, the majority of our decisions are not the brand that will make a major shift in our direction, but maybe the number is closer to 10%. I believe that trusting God with even that 10% of doubt, that 10% of fear is going to turn out to be one of those 10% choices.

[Bonus Song] God You Reign: Dark Before the Dawn

This week has been and continues to be one of the most difficult. It began with discovering that my brother, Rafael is in a fight for his life with swelling in his brain. Please pray with me that he recovers quickly and fully despite the doctor’s report stating it is...