Dodge Ball, the Matrix, and Grace

What could Dodgeball, the Matrix, and grace have in common? Well sometimes you don’t know what you’ve had until it seems gone. I’ve been reminded of this and hope the weapon I’ve discovered can be of use to someone else as well in combatting the loss of this most wonderful missing ingredient in life.

Losing the Battle Without Losing the War

So today, though i failed yesterday, I choose to get back up.
Lent is still real for me, though I slipped. You can lose a battle without losing the war.
Yesterday’s battle goes to my flesh’s desire for sleep, but today I am already winning. I am winning as I reflect on my failure and use it to offer encouragement and hope.

The Struggle

“Hallelujah we are free to struggle, but we are not struggling to be free.” ~Mike Donehey (of Tenth Avenue North) Based off of this song by Tenth Avenue North “The Struggle.” (Shown below) [youtube...

Songs of Grace: The Journey Back from Tragedy

Grace is still real. Grace is still free. Grace awaits us all.
I wonder what story of grace God is weaving in your life now. I can’t say that it will be one of tragedy and recovery like Heather’s, but I can say that it will be yours and part of your quilted story that no one can ever take away. When the enemy begins to play over and over in your head tales of woe, doubt, and shame…
You simply hold onto to SONGS OF GRACE!