Eyes on Jesus and Off your Fear #InstarationDevo

Stop looking at you and your fear. You were NEVER enough. Look away the only one who is MORE than enough. If viewing this in your email as a subscriber, click the title link to view the full post. If not, why not get new posts sent to you? Subscribe here

Double Dutch, Fear and Political Debates

Yesterday I witnessed some interestingly heated conversation around world issues. I continue to witness debates rise up over political and social issues all around me. I wonder whether or not I am to speak into that conversation…more and more am finding it hard to stay quiet. Should I stay quiet? Should I jump in the verbal arena at all?

It's Official: I have STARTED!

Sometimes you just need to start!
I am excited to present to you the iTunes launching of “the Pastor Fury Podcast” In two days from the time of my publishing this post it will be searchable in iTunes, and can as of now, be subscribed to in iTunes.