Killing Them Softly: "It's Time to Tame the Tongue" 1 of 2

I need to be aware of my words. I must use them with care. I must treat each word as either a soothing cream to heal, or a sharp sword that kills. I might not see it in that moment, but any words I speak that do not bring life, contribute to bringing death, even if it is simply “Killing Them Softly.” What about you? How do you struggle taming your tongue?

Fast and Furious

God called me to come closer to Him and lay down my emotionally driven attitude and pick up His spirit of life-giving, loving attitude…when my world shakes ever so slightly and I am in a place of comfortability with those around me, there is a darkness that overwhelms me. My thoughts of love and kindness turn to selfishness and anger.
If you can relate, read on…