#FitByFirst Workout Journal

So you might have been one of the many people asking me about the workouts that I’ve been doing lately.
I want to preface all of this by saying these workouts are only part fo the commitment to physical fitness that I have begun. I signed up for a fitness challenge called, #FitByFirst and it has been awesome! It is something that worship leader/author, Carlos Whittaker has been leading a group of about 300 people in this Spring, as we’ve all decided that we will use the month of April to get fit by May 1st!
He sends us encouraging, challenging and informational emails/videos as well as has us interacting in the same fashion with one another in a private facebook group. That group accountability has been GREAT!!! We’ve talked healthy eating, rest, meditating, and more. What you will see linked to below is a journal of the experience and specifically the WOD’s (Workouts of the Day) if you want to try and follow along at home.
You will notice Saturdays and Sundays are missing. Those will be set aside as days to let your body rest and recover. So light cardio on those two days of each week.
Click here to tweet Carlos Whittaker and let him know you want in the next time he starts up a fitness challenge.

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My Plate - Nutrition

General healthy eating guide that we are trying as a part of #FitByFirst: