As soon as I celebrated the joys of walking in the beautiful weather, my ankle tendinitis flared up so badly that it shut me down. I don’t know if there’s a clearer example of an enemy attack, but at the same time, I really do need to get to the doctor to have them evaluate and correct whatever’s broken.

It’s funny—sometimes we can be so alert and aware of the spiritual realities that we neglect to take care of the natural responsibilities that we have. We can pray and pray for the poor to be blessed, but then never give a dime to those in need. We can pray and pray that the Lord will help us lose weight while we’re standing in line at Dunkin’ Donuts.

We can see God’s hand in our promotion and discount the work that He empowered us to put in on the job. We can see the devil spiritually corrupting our children, but have no problem letting them consume all sorts of filth online.

The spiritual realities of our lives are often unseen, but for those of us in the church, sometimes they can be the only thing we see, to our detriment. So I think first and foremost, yes, we should prioritize being spiritually fit, but we can’t forget about the need to take care of the things in the natural that God has given us to steward, like our bodies, our families, and our communities.


and yes… that is a frozen bag of peas under my sock,