Saturday, I was GRINDING! I completed 3 hours’ worth of tutorials on online community development, and I am surprised I didn’t deep dive into it sooner. Then I realized it’s because I’ve gotten way more content from ChatGPT on the subject lately. However, here’s the difference: AI is giving me objective, surface-level content, while YouTube tutorials are able to go deep and personally apply the content much better.

It does make me think about some of the statements I’ve made regarding AI takeover. While I still believe AI will eventually take all jobs that require disseminating information, the ways that humans remain valuable in the space isn’t even by staying creative with content, which helps, but also by being willing to offer people more depth and contextualization. AI can be programmed to do so much but can’t really deliver deeply personal and poignant material birthed from the joys and pains of experience. It’s that reality that causes us to connect with content deliverers (teachers, pastors, public speakers). So in a world dominated by shorts, reels, and TikToks, let us continue to make our home in long-form content and keep demonstrating our unique value proposition in the face of Skynet’s looming coup.

Keep creating for God’s glory.

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