Welcome back to the Pastor Fury blog.

It’s been nearly six years since my last post, and I’m excited to return with a renewed purpose. As I embark on this journey to develop a community for Christ-centered creatives, I aim to provide consistent content that encourages, challenges, and equips creatives in the church to use their gifts in ways that bring God the greatest glory.

Remember, our creations don’t always need to explicitly bear the name of Jesus. God’s Word reminds us that the heavens declare His glory, and all of His creation shouts out His name in one way or another. The beauty He creates is His calling card.

So today, as I pen my first blog post in this new chapter, I’ll keep it simple and say, “Welcome back.”

Moving forward, you can expect a variety of content:

  • Short poems
  • Quick YouTube videos
  • Long, well-developed blog posts on topics I’m contemplating

What you can count on is authentic content from me every day.