Sharing something you care about deeply can be so scary.

It’s not because we’re afraid to give it away, to release this beloved thought or creation into the universe, but instead it’s because, as a genuine creative, there’s a piece of us wrapped up in it—and if it isn’t celebrated or, worse, if it’s rejected, then so are we.

Today I sat down with an old friend and shared the vision for the Ordered Chaos Club. She was intrigued and very quickly began imagining the ways in which she could be blessed by such a community for Christ-centered creatives, and then began envisioning the ways she could bless others in that same space.
In a moment, it went from nerve-wracking to affirming. I went from feeling like this wild idea was just that to thinking maybe I’m really onto something here.

But what if she wasn’t a fan? Would the whole vision collapse? Is it so fragile that it stands solely on the foundation of my passion and inspiration, or does it have real legs? Can it stand strong in a storm? It’s time we find out before it’s too late.
I think I’m ready for my first bit of rejection. Maybe that comes when I remember to tell her and others that this community will not be totally free. Once money gets involved, people are more likely to hesitate when it comes time to support.

At the same time, if such a community is totally free, the perceived value of the thing is low, and so is the commitment. If the OCC is going to really take off, people have to feel invested to really get what they give.
Now the terror returns because I hate charging people for anything. But I’ve got to remember that some won’t find value in the community, and others would pay way more than I’m asking of them. It’s not a rejection of me if they self-identify as one who doesn’t find that value.

This simply means that this creation wasn’t brought to life for them.

Is attaching monetary value to something a challenge for you too? How do you deal with that challenge?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​