Located in downtown Libertyville, this library has an excellent amount of books for the kids. Their kids section is well organized and super clean. There was a volunteer there cleaning the entire time we hung out at the place. They had great things that Matteo, my son, loves like a big fish tank and an I-Pad or two, but seemed a bit like on imaginative play and creative opportunities for a kid his age. It would have been nice to see an art or craft area or something a bit more physically involved. I understand that I am asking for a lot these days, but some libraries have definitely raised the bar on what makes for an educational and engaging library environment for kids. I won’t say that we didn’t enjoy the library, because we did. He looked at a bunch of books and did like every puzzle.  I just know that for Matteo, the best days at the library are when there are such a diversity of engaging activities that he passes out on the car ride home. 🙂
All in all, great library, but for a kid like Matteo I’d call it respectable.
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