Lately God has been clarifying a conversation he started with me years ago. I constantly see things that are broken, littered, torn down and my heart grieves for what it once was. I believe that God was giving me a glimpse into his heart for His creation and his desire for restoration.
I recently wrote this “poem” found on the Facebook post below. I say, “poem” because its poetic but it was really just my observations during a quiet time that then eventually led to the song you find attached to this post.

“Bended Fences”
God’s language is restoration.
Broken branches, broken lives,
Bended fences and hanging vines …
Cars speed by five lanes abreast.
The metal rail becomes my place of rest.
A red berried bush neatly trimmed lines the edge of morning.
The blaring horn of the passenger train momentarily disrupts the illusion of stillness.
I don’t want to leave.
When will come the new leaves?
Still dead are many trees,
But not the approaching sound of the highway that drowns out the gentle breeze.
What’s the use for barbed wire fences wrapping wooden posts separating brown grassy fields from dead twigs and forgotten leaves?
Is the once alive strip mall to blame?
What has been taken that needs to be reclaimed?
Is it time to clip the wire and bend it back the fence?
Is God calling the fence down?
Or calling the parkway to renewal as he builds something different?
Who knows what’s in store in the creator’s plan to restore?
I hope you enjoy both and that they evoke a heart of participation in God’s plan for restoration.