2016-08-01 10.33.24This, the 2nd release today, is a free spirited lazy river on my vacation in Italy where I recorded both of the newly released tracks and am now posting this. We can never accomplish all we are called to alone, we must trust the God can do more in 6 days with Him that we can with 7 days without Him, so relax.
When the wood hit the snare
I’m dropping lyrics and my cares
In a world thats fast paced
Gotta slow down to win the race
(Are we there yet?)
Flip flopping to the goal
Walking rest for my soul
Bandana for my sweat
naw kid we aint there yet
leaning back sofa life
exhaling loads of strife
Soak the word in my pours
Let the lies out the door
(Aint that the truth?)
Dream catching just for fun
Drying tears with the sun
Straight chillin is the deal
Thats the truth gotta keep it real
Work hard play harder
Learn to rest like my father
6 days he did his thang
So on the 7th he would hang
(so let’s get it now)
Relax Yourself
Relax Yourself
Relax Yourself
Relax Yourself
Still so much left to do
How can we ever make it through
So now I unflex my muscle
and flex my trust thru the struggle
(Is it true God?)
Take it farther make it better
I was a born go getter
Ambition was my wife
But God asked for my life
(Its all yours God)
Sleep eat read repeat
My itinerary’s complete
Tropical mirage and massage
Chillin in shorts that camofauge
(You don’t see me)
Put aside them emails
and discard all the details
It will be there when u return
Just breathe..lesson learned
(so let’s get it now)
Relax Yourself
Relax Yourself
Relax Yourself
RElax Yourself