Redemed Mixtape CoverHere is the first release of the newest mixtape, “Redeemed.” This track discusses the dilemma we find ourselves in consistently…the tension between trying to do things our way and surrendering them to God.


[Verse 1]

The world’s broken

But God plans to mend

But it won’t get done Thru the plans of men

He’s got his ways

We can’t comprehend

Despite how we try

We can only surrend–

er to His will

But still

We keep holding back some chips Until the next deal

As we wait on the next thrill

But it can and will fall to pieces til we pay the bill — we can’t cover

So we burning rubber

On yet another get away

Hiding from the one true lover

Of our souls

So let go

Of everything and yet know

He bless those

With less gold

So let’s go

After the goal

Let laughter unfold

As the matter is told

Id rather you grow

Don’t let the ladder get old

But the sadder get bold

As they run again like a Saturday show

Don’t give up

But you gotta give in

White flag and overnight bag for this sit in

As we rebel against our rebellion

And choose not to lose but win so who you tellin

The Lords name best be yellin

Stop buyin what they sellin

You guilty but Jesus

don’t see us

as ex felons

Tears wellin in his eyes

As he dies on our cross

for our lives

That’s the cost for our lies

And deceit

And yet saves us a seat

Up in the heavenlies

Don’t let heaven leave

You on the out lookin in

start looking in to

See what’s missin then

I hope you listening

Before the pot get to hot

And way too big for you to cash in

But if you hear this truth

God’s talking to you

Time to give it all up and say

I surrender to you


I surrender to you

Come Take My Everything

I surrender to you

Come Take My Everything

[Verse 2]

Are we gathering herds on Sunday morning

When they hear the word is the gospel calling

For death to self

release of wealth

Sacrificial life is good for your health

Oh well some will tell it’s not like I’m going to hell

Well if you don’t care then it’s hard to tell

The ones heaven bound that Jesus found

Picking up they cross laying they life down

No take backs

You can’t take naps

Or kick back and

Max and relax

The fact is

You lack this

On heavens black list

Cuz ur hope wasnt Jesus but the Easter basket

With jelly beans

And Silly things

Of chocolate covered cream

Like Cadbury

It’s a tad scary

Don’t make me mad fury

Or intolerant like when I drink bad dairy

Sad story

Go after Dad’s Glory

When you fall short… Dont tell the story on Maury

But you can be sure He


His grace forever lives

but it aint cheap or free so get down on bended knee

He paid a high price sacrificed His life

So he could be our surgeon,

so get up under his knife

Our heart’s need fixing,

he started at the crucifixion

dont believe the haters that say its a work of fiction

You know the truth and its setting you free

God bled and then He said just surrender to me

My love is infinity

I’d die all over again if it woudl mend what your sin did to me

But what God  did on the cross was once and for all

But we wont accept half your heart, He wants it all