Misfits Art
Ever felt like no one understands you? Ever felt alone in a crowded room?
This political season has left me feeling so outside of the norm. No party gets me. No candidate aligns with my politics. It brings me to recognizing that this is because my view of how my faith interacts with the world is not such a mainline and common one.
It leaves me feeling more and more like a Christian misfit.
This song is for all of those that feel like Christian misfits too.

[Verse 1]

I feel like a misfit that’s running into a tempest 

Not sure where in standing but I know where my faith is.

Rarely speechless but it’s hard to even speak this

Not sure where I belong

as I embrace my uniqueness

The thing is…

I’m still figuring it out

As get to know the Lord and the world

There’s no doubt

I wanna bring a change

But my theology’s strange 

Too left for the right and

right for the left

Feel like their picking teams and I’m the last geek left

The theft of my identity happened many years ago,

Been taking back what the fool enemy stole but even so

There’s a lot of thoughts that leave me like I don’t know

I got nothing but room & hopefully time left to grow

but wait a minute bro

But Am I way off track based on the knowledge I lack

I see spiritual debates take place and don’t know how to react

Or what’s the exact response that best glorifies my maker

Yep God almighty he’s the heavenly baker

I think I smell what he’s cooking

And trying to share u a plate

If you down low and forsooken

Just know I relate

This life is so hard

But harder alone

That don’t have to be you

Just pick up the phone

Or hollar out before you bout to just quit

Just know that there’s another of you— a misfit


Misunderstood in the mystery

A misfit At home in misery

Feeling trapped in a place you don’t belong

All my misfits sing along

[Verse 2]

Like a jagged piece of the puzzle I feel like I don’t fit

broken like glass from a painful past that I wish

I could change, now I let the Lord rearrange

my position but still wishin I didn’t seem strange

Like I speak a new language Orr different lexicon 

In a world of squares and circles I feel like a hex a gon

No hex cuz my curse is gone, my hurts live on

till healing comes  But I feel beat like the bass drum 

Hope it comes soon

Like a monsoon, Lord rain on me and wash me out the fitting room

The pants too tight the  shirt too baggy

A misfit

I used to keep changing gladly

But then I met the Trinity changed my identity

So I’mma be me even if that leaves me lonely

Do you even know me White and Black America?

Watch ya label cuz its libel to be a barrier

What’s even scarier is the judgment in you,

If you looking with those eyes there’s no budgin’ with you,

I would apologize if I even smudged up the truth

But truth is with lies I see u lugging a few

And a few logs that’s stuck all up in ur pupils

And they call u a teacher cause I know u got some pupils.

With eyes on you, so please keep your scruples

No loop holes 

Cuz  My ministry is on lock

You misfits like me are unique Yeah u Rock,

And there can never be another oh brother,

They’re out of stock

We didn’t break the mold that might come as a shock

Created by Daddy just chips off the ole block.


No more sideline living

taking advantage of what’s given

no longer an outcast

Taking my life of fear,

leaving it packed here,

in the luggage of my past

Sometimes I’m living in a desert with no rain

But Like a wild beast I can’t be contained

I don’t even have a word for quit…



Misunderstood in the mystery

A misfit At home in misery

Feeling trapped in a place you don’t belong

All my misfits sing along