“Sitting at His Feet” Part 1

Another day away from the last day you smiled.

A year came and gone and it don’t seem like a while.

The pain I’ve been feeling I’m a just slide it in this file

And it won’t be long before it’s at the bottom of the pile.

Thinking ’bout memories softens up my eyes

and when your favorite Nora Jones song is played makes me wanna cry.

Wonder why the word “bro” makes me choke up.

First time I saw you go left I wish I spoke up.

I’m still broke up from reality without you.

Doubt you ever knew most of my guilts are about you.

Hallelujah you probably up there singing.

Holy Holy Holy…with heavenly bells ringing.

I’m thinking that you probably remixed the track by now,

got the angels on the hook while you beat box the background.

Never backed down from challenge cause you seemed drawn to the scuffle.

Always swimming up-stream enjoying burstin’ people’s bubbles.

Now there’s rubble and ruin in a space of my heart.

Didn’t know you were on the walls until they all fell apart.

Ready to start the healing and see it complete,

But until Jesus frees us I’m just gonna be sitting at His feet.