These don’t answer all the questions swirling in folks heads right now, but there are 2 things that have added excellent dialogue to a heating topic of debate: Same Sex Marriage.
The first is an amazing article that is TAKING the internet by storm these past two days. It was written by a Canadian Pastor who offers such refreshing and enlightened thoughts on the topic. Absolute MUST READ:
Some Advice on Same-Sex Marriage for US Church Leaders From a Canadian

Quotes from the article to Tweet:

Regardless of your theological position, all your views as a Christian should be counter-cultural.
Why do Christians expect non-Christians to behave like Christians? Why?

Instead of looking to the government for help, Paul and Jesus looked to God.
If you want to be ineffective at reaching unchurched people, judge them.
Love people. Especially the people with whom you disagree.
Secondly, there is a book I’ve been listening to that is great so far. It is Jefferson Bethke’s debut book, Jesus is Greater than Religion, which is more or less a deeper look at the basis for the virally popular video he posted, “Why I love Jesus, but hate Religion.”

I began listening to this book as it was a gift when I decided to pre-order his newest release, “It’s Not What You Think.” due out in October of 2015.
I have included one chapter of the book that not only echoed thoughts that my wife shared with me as she was questioning the response of many people in the church to the conversation about same sex marriage and the Supreme Court ruling that came out just a few days prior to this post.
Jefferson does a great job of not answering all life’s questions, but entering into the conversation with questions of his own that will TRULY challenge the thinking of either side, particularly that of those who may be holding too tightly to religion and might be losing sight of the mission of Jesus.

I hope these thoughts help you wrestle with your own thoughts on these issues and more importantly with your relationship with Jesus. Despite ALL of OUR flaws, failures and sins galore JESUS LOVES US.  Not because of anything, but despite everything. Let this post help the conversation rather than hurt. Let it unite what is being divided As many people of the Church and many in society are seemingly at odds and in the middle stands Jesus with arms of love calling ALL to Him right now
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