Dedicated to my little brother…. Happy Birthday. We miss you!

“A Poem at His Grave”

by: Arman Sheffey


It’s like you never left

and sometimes like you were never here.

You’re still those big eyes and wide grin

that on-going debate in my dream…

like a tattoo on my brain, praying your memory never fades.

As I struggle to recall your laugh,

subtraction feels like God-less math,

but I can trust knowing that it didn’t cause division…

as the rest of the fam holds hands in God’s mission.

Yet life without you is so hard to envision.

Tears welling up as I want to take you with me.

But I can’t take you with me…

But I always take you with me.

When we laid you down a piece of me never came up.

It still lays next to your bones…

quietly yelling out, whispering screams to come home.

May my regrets keep you company

’til we breathe the same air.

Half whole and fully broken,

as I wait for God’s hands to repair.