Worlds Greatest Stretch 

Warm Up: 

Worlds Greatest Stretch 


For Time

50 Situps (Demo)

40 Air Squats (Demo)

30 Chair Dips (Demo)

20 Reverse Lunges (Each Leg… so 40 total) (Demo)

10 Squat Jumps (Demo)

My journey:
Today was much easier than it looked. I feel foolish for being so intimidated. Granted I could have done it faster, but I’m glad that I didn’t push TOO hard. I did it in 10 minutes and some change and feel like I worked without killing myself. #DailyDream
Your Journey:
Don’t be intimidated like I was  when you look at that list of exercises. Just jump in and get carried away with the vision of you on the other side of fitness.
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