Worlds Greatest Stretch 

50 Burpees For Time. (Demo)

My journey:
Well, today was my first full workout since getting sick last Thursday. I about died…
But I didn’t.
I even found a new workout song.
“How Did We Get Here” by Propaganda
That track came on after the first 20 Burpees when I was tempted to say, I’m still recovering from being sick so this is enough.
Then I caught a vision of where I wanted to be when this was all over.
I imagined us all there looking around and saying, “How Did we get here?”
Today is how we get there.
Sweat and tears is how we get there.
Those last 30 burpees is how I get there.

Your Journey:
Looks like form is gonna be important for this one as we work on the same movement. Make sure you get a burpee right today and then nail it over and over and over again.
Go the distance.
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