Here is the day 4 workout.
Run/Walk 10 minutes
You do these straight through.  With as little rest as possible.
1 10 second running sprint (5 seconds out, 5 seconds back)
Lateral Burpees (Get an item like a stick or water bottle you can use as a visual to jump over)
3 Push-ups
4 Jumping Lunges (1 rep = each leg)
Box Jumps (Use a step or bench) or Tuck Jumps (if no step is available)
Walking Lunges (1 rep = each leg)
Air Squats
9 Sit-ups
10 Broad Jumps
11 Bear Crawls (1 rep = all fours take one step forward)
12 Squat Jumps
My journey:
and….I’m sick! Gonna have to miss this one. Hope to get after it tomorrow.
Your Journey:
Hopefully you can rock it out for me!
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