So the last time I checked in from the road to Easter, I was struggling HARD with staying free and clear of social media.

“Hi my name is Arman and I am a shareaholic.”

But this week has been much improved. Not perfect but I’m sensing growth. #PTL

The biggest thing to discuss about this past week in the #AdventuresInLent has been my daughter’s journey./ Last post I linked her blog about her doing lent for the first time. She has been so impressive through this. I would have to actually clarify that and say how amazed I am at the way God is working in and through her.

About 3 months ago, Leila reportedly gave her life ton Christ for the first time in our children’s ministry at Torch. I never mentioned it and didn’t actually jump for joy as I thought she had already done that based on conversations she and I had a couple of years earlier. However, WHO CARES when?! She is growing! She is demonstrating actual fruit of the Spirit and it is melting me in so many good ways as a father.

First of all her entire participation in Lent is a testament as I have always discussed what Lent was and why I observe it but this is the first year she decided she wanted to be a part of it for herself. She decided that she “the every meal must be capped with dessert girl” would sacrifice sweets. And she has been doing an AMAZING job of that. Though she has experienced some serious spiritual attack from friends at school and temptation galore, which we’ve walked through together this season, she is doing great.

Even more, she decided this week that she wanted top finally have some time set aside in her morning for the Lord. She came to me before bed at the start of this week and said, “Dad, when you get up for your quiet time, Can you wake me up?”

I was blown away, but then determined that saying it and getting up at 6:00 am were two different things for a 9-year-old.

So, I was floored this week. when I tapped her on the shoulder at 6 am and she hopped up. It has been great. We have worshipped, prayed, and walked through the word together each day this week. I never expected this little one to be my highlight of the Lenten journey but God is good and never ceases to amaze me.

What is your favorite part of Lent so far?


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