“Words to a Friend” by Pastor Fury
Dedicated to some friends who are going through the hardest struggles.

Another day of struggle on the way for you huh?
Guessing you should wake but you wonderin, “for what?”
The money’s so tight it’s chokeholdin all your dreams
Fighting for air but no one’s there to hear you scream
One day it’ll change but you’re not sure you believe
If that words true for you then He better let you see
Cuz your on your last tear, your last drop of hope
When will you catch a break and get your back up off the ropes?
You ain’t lived it perfect and failed more than you’d like
You know it’s been a while but you back up on the bike
Seeking your first love is what you know to do
Yeah He never left you and was always in pursuit
So now you headed home but worried bout the trip
But it ain’t that far and he ain’t never lost his grip
The long way home aint as long as you think
He says come to the well, take a rest and take a drink.
You haven’t  given up, but you rocking on the brink
Playing in quick sand and I hate watching you sink
You wanted to get whole but all fell to pieces
But that’s when you decided you’d give it all to Jesus.
You Gave him your today
Trusted Him with tomorrow.
But the pain ain’t gone away
And you still lost in sorrow
What did you miss?
Did you do wrong?
Did you need more hallelujahs in your praise dance and song?
Well God ain’t a genie and there ain’t a secret code.
But this dream deferred is about to explode.
As you praying through the word, you looking for some light
But today’s word for you is too hard to do it right
Well at least not alone but that wasn’t the plan
You look to the Lord as he reaches out his hand,
I want to walk with you he says with a smile
I want to talk with you we ain’t spoken in a while
I know your hearts hard but it can soften up.
It won’t happen overnight but don’t you give up.
You’re not a victim and life can’t defeat you
If you keep your shield up and your swords always featured.
I don’t have a magic pill and nothing wise to teach ya.
Just get home cuz the Lord’s waiting to meet ya
There with a hug. Let him be your drug.
Let all wash downhill avalanching with his love
Your story aint over but call this chapter done.
The work to restore your broken heart has begun.
We know it grew sick, being patient made you ill.
But the seed’s been planted and the dream soon fulfilled
I’m praying Jesus keeps carrying you across the finish
Line and this time that patience don’t diminish
That His face shines upon you and brightens up your path
More reasons to smile and a joy that makes you laugh
A hope the endures being etched on your soul
That you rest in his arms and don’t resist his control
That you continue to trust his plans timetable.
Knowing God knows best and is more than able
That despite how it looks, and what the past says
That tomorrow can be different w God who raised the dead
Nothings too hard. No one’s too far gone.
Cuz we’ve all been broken and were born into wrong.
That you know a love that man can’t give.
That you break the chain of sin and begin to truly live
Rise up as His child and stop acting like a stranger
And that you recognize he made you to be a world changer.