shortcuts to grace
So yesterday’s post was a celebration of growth and today is a recognition of how far there is still to go.
Discovering wickedness in your heart is never a fun experience. It is a humbling position. It is a realization that darkness is not something that you fully escape as you grow in the Lord. It is something that is constantly working its way in as the Spirit works against it increasing the light within you. And today I am reminded that wickedness is not just something out there,  but yep…IN HERE.
As much as I play it down, the way that I translate a personal motto of sorts in my daily life easily becomes wicked. I often say, “Work smarter, not harder.” The reality is that’s anti-biblical. You will never find this sentiment in scripture. In fact you will discover many places that elevate hard work. Throughout the Bible and the book of Proverbs specifically you see a consistent contrast of hard work vs. laziness. The REAL truth is this sentiment is rooted in laziness. The lazy heart looks for ways to do something without working as hard. The difficulty is that there is a place where shrewdness would have someone looking for efficiency and increase productivity, but that ultimately comes from a heart of looking for the best ways to do something. I’ve recognized that my heart has twisted that mindset and is now simply trying to make EVERYTHING easier. My heart made best = quickest and easiest 🙁
Not Easy Button
I am trying to make life a Staples commercial. It is such a trap of the enemy to be constantly looking for the easy button.
The Lord convicted me of this heart just moments ago. If we do not address wicked heart sets they will rise to the surface and become wicked deeds.
“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23 NIV

So today…

I repent of desiring shortcuts.
I repent of trying to fast track EVERYTHING.
I repent of trying to loophole my way through life.
I repent of trying to skip lessons.
I repent of trying to microwave my journey.
I repent of looking for Big Lots versions of things that God has hand crafted with fine wood just for me.

I am so grateful that God worked long and hard so that I could obtain mercy.
I am so grateful that Jesus decided to take the hard route to making a way of forgiveness for me.
I am so grateful that I have ONE shortcut. A shortcut to grace. His name is Jesus.
All I need to do is call on His name.