Many recognize the reality that Jesus is our only hope for salvation, and not our good works. But I am reminded that there are some who think that salvation is the end of God’s story with our life. We are saved for a purpose. God has so much He wants to accomplish here and now through you.
We must continue living a life that leans on Jesus. Not just a one time decision but a daily determination to follow Him. As we get up each day with that on our minds, God does His work transforming us into more and more like Jesus. That’s His goal. He wants us to grow as we go.
Don’t look at a believer’s deeds and just think that they are awesome. Most likely what you are seeing is someone who decided day after day to let God go to work on them and as His love is poured in, you see it flow out.
Don’t give up the passport to your amazing future just yet. Decide to grow. Choosing to stop growing in the Lord is to decide never to fly. There is so much you will miss out on in life.
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