2-20-15 SexyBackI discovered that this last year, I have felt more like Jesus than I ever have. I have had previous seasons where I have felt more filled with zeal and passion for God, but never a season where I’ve felt more in line with what God has been calling me to do. I guess ultimately this year of increased obedience is rocking my face. I am not saying this to boast, as I KNOW there have been many things that God’s Spirit has directed me to do, and I have balked. However this year has been a year of more obedience than I’ve experienced. It wasn’t the easiest year ever by any means, with several disappointments and the loss of my little brother. However, I feel closer to biblical Christianity and further from some over cultured American version of my faith than ever before.
I wonder what is next on the horizon as I follow God into the hard things of life. This lenten season is one I expect God to fill me with a greater clarity and focus for my call as I remove some of the clutter in my heart, my  home and my ministry.
Simplification is simply beautiful.
I am just a bit less worried what others think of my choices as I perform for an audience of one. I know my God doesn’t love me based on my obedience but turns out that obedience looks good on me. I’m bringing sexy back!
Let us together decide that though we can’t determine how our year will necessarily go we can focus on today. We can decide to be sexy today and simply obey!