“One Last Run”
By: Arman Sheffey
There is still time.
The sun has not set.
The clouds have yet to cover the sky.
Darkness creeps but has not won.
You are far from done.
Though your legs grow weary,
And your heavy heart drags behind you on the jagged rocks of your past.
The tunnel is not as long as you think
And today’s light wages a final battle on your behalf.
There is time for one last run.
The mountain top beckons you, “Come!”
The journey reminds you “Press on!”
The sound of hope echoes through your empty chest.
The King with sword raised high says, “Follow,
You are far from done.”
If the load is too heavy,
If the pain is too much,
If the struggle too great to face alone,
I will bear your armor’s  weight.
There is time for one last run.
So while the light still tarries
And your shared burden we carry,
Don’t let doubt and fear turn your feet to stone.
If you are ready, you won’t run alone.
You are not done; so let’s make one last run…
While there is still time.