Instaration Devo - good

For what was glorious has no glory now in comparison with the surpassing glory.”
2 Corinthians 3:10 NIV

Often I hear in culture and even in the church that statement, “…those were the good ole days.” What they are saying is that remember when things were better? Remember when we didn’t have “this issue?” That statement shines at least a tiny light on someone’s discontent for the present and a possible fear of a declining future.
The reality is, if the only thing you see is life through the world’s lenses, I would concur. The earth is on a decline. The good days have come and gone. Sexual immorality is on the rise. Murder is up. Crime is up. Destruction is always just around the corner.
But if you are a follower of Christ, that which has past is guaranteed to be lesser than that which is to come. God makes all things new. The former glory can not hold a candle to the future glory. The return of Jesus and the expectation of our glorified bodies promise that our BEST days are always yet to come.
So don’t look back lamenting the passing of yesterday’s triumphs, look forward KNOWING that the Good Ole’ Days are coming.
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