Just moments ago, I was tweeting with a friend in the ministry who asked for prayer. He followed the request with the statement that said, “the load is just heavy sometimes.”
On one level or another, I know that we all deal with a heavy load from day-to-day. As a pastor, I am recognizing that there is a different type of load that you bear in the ministry. This load has an additional weight. As those with heavy loads come and bring them to you.
As I began to pray for this friend, I recognized something that I was reminded of last weekend, “glory” in the Hebrew is often the word, “kabod or kabad” which is defined as weight. When we glorify God or give Him glory, we are essentially prescribing weight to him. And it is true¬†that He deserves all the glory.
My quick encouragement to you today is give Him what He deserves. Right now in your struggle, give God all the glory. What I mean is give Him your weight.
Give God what weighs you down.
Give God what makes life heavy.
Jesus died so that we could come and find rest. He said, “my burden is easy and my yoke is light.”
This is true because He takes the weight. He receives the glory from all that we go through and all we do.
Boxing GlovesJesus is the heavyweight champion of the world. He wants to take all that we find heavy and give us in return the lightness of His peace and the comfort of His rest.
As you wait on the Lord, give your weight to The Lord.