I know some of you reading this title are thinking, “Has this leader lost his mind?” The answer might be, “yes,” but I don’t think so. It’s not that I aim fail. It’s not that I don’t desire achievement of goals or success, but that I know when I win, I win and I  know when lose I win. See more on that here.
This post isn’t even really about winning through failure. It is about the freedom to fail. For the longest time my legalistic tendencies and strict adherence to law have bound me up in my own prison.
I know that I made a vow to the Lord for my period of Lent this year (blog everyday). I know that I have not fulfilled my promise. However, I also know that God has done amazing things in and through me during this season. I also know that my relationship with the Lord has been strengthened and my voice has been empowered. I know that these areas of growth came not from my strict adherence to my promise during Lent but as a result of my following God’s spirit and His leading in the freedom that is found in failing.
I am the last person to instruct anyone in the ways of disobedience. After years running in the dark with sharp objects and drowning in my own sin, I know the importance of obedience to God’s word. Obedience to God’s word and strapping yourself to your own ideas are two different things. I want to always strive for being a man of my word. I want my “yes” to be yes and my “no” to be no. But I also know that through the grace of God I have the freedom to fail.
Today I embrace that freedom. I enjoy the blessings that have come as a result of my blog for me and for others. But I do not elevate that over how I feel that the Lord leads me. The reality is though I desired to write every day, God desired me to follow His pace. So therefore, I will write as I am led. It is my intention that I will write multiple times a week but even as Lent continues, a daily post expectation is beyond reality for me.
So, therefore, I want to let you guys know about some ways that you can subscribe to the post that I do release.
There are three methods of subscribing to my content that I’ve put into place as of last night.
1. All Posts:
You can subscribe to all the posts and receive every single post in your email by 7 AM CST the next morning.
2. Week In Review:
You can receive the weekly recap email, that will give you excerpts of the week’s posts and podcasts where you can choose which ones you’d like to read in full.
3. Podcast Newsletter:
You can receive the podcast newsletter where you’d be involved in weekly or periodical communication regarding the podcast, including questions, thoughts, and reflections from the podcast.
Nevertheless I want to give you guys greater freedom to read as you please, as well as to subscribe specifically to the content that you desire. I don’t think the one fits all mode of distribution is preferable for many.
Let’s enjoy that freedom today and thank you for your grace as I experience freedom to fail.