As we start the Lenten season, I am trying to do a few things differently to become more like Jesus, which should be our goal always. As I write this, it is the morning of Ash Wednesday and I am making the following 40 day pledges:
1. I will blog everyday for the 40 days of the Lenten season. (Not on Sundays, as they are excluded from the Lenten observation)
I have wanted to cultivate a better habit of simply writing. First of all I enjoy sharing my thoughts in various mediums. God has definitely given me a desire to share my life and my struggles. Blogging is also kind of therapeutic for me as well. So here’s to 40 days of word therapy. Subscribe to ArmanSheffey.com to follow my journey.
2. I will not use social media/text during family time.
Some times when I am spending time with my family, I can get distracted. It is hard sometimes to walk away from my phone or an ipad. There is something in me that just craves technology. However, I am a father and a husband. More importantly, I am the only that my family will have. If I don’t continue to press in with intentionality, there is more to be lost than my next twitter update!
3. I will read the Bible with my daughter each night or morning, depending on the schedule for the day.
When discussing with Leila, my 9 year old, how she might observe Lent, she started off determining that she would refrain from sweets, since that is something that I usually do every Lent in addition to my challenge for the season. Then I suggested something I thought would actually be better for her long term. We have talked about her getting a quiet time of Bible reading into her schedule for a while. I haven’t done all I needed to support her in making that happen, but this Lent is a perfect time to help her in getting that going. She agreed.
What are you doing for Lent?
Not sure you even know what Lent is and what it’s for?
Check out some quick info on it!
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