I woke up today feeling like….Thank God it is Friday! I have had a long work week and ready for some R & R. But just a moment ago it struck me….
Why not expect this to not simply be the end of a long trial but the start of something new? Our God is a creative God. He makes everything beautiful in its time and is making all things new. (Ecclesiastes 3:11; Revelation 21:5)
So, having discovered that, I am challenged…

  • to look for His beauty in the moments today.
  • to find joy in the newness of today not simply the ending of yesterday
  • to seek what God has planned for me in this day
  • to set aside my worries of tomorrow
  • to disregard my thoughts of yesterday
  • to push forward with joyous expectation into the concerns of the here and now

What is God challenging you with today?