Well, it’s official….I am a podcaster!
I have loved listening to podcasts for years now and since my days in High School in my Radio and TV class with Mr. Tuftie, I have been intrigued by A/V production. I have never known enough about doing much of it, but am a fast learner and love trying new things. ABout a year ago, with a couple of church friends, and Torch Online team members, I had begun a journey to develop a podcast and we even recorded an episode. It was a wild roller coaster of planning and prepping. I gathered equipment…microphones. I had a mixer donated by a fellow podcaster who connected with me on Google+ —big shout out to Eric Chilton, who podcasts on classic TV stars.
All the pieces were in place and then I begin my desire for greater excellence before we launched it. In the time I spent planning the re-recording session, other things interpersonally began to fall apart with the team. The long and short of it, is that the “In The Game Podcast” never launched. We had t-Shirts, a website, content, and it just never happened.
But today, after deciding that perfect or not, I was going to do it…I DID IT! I launched.
PFP - 2014FuryThis go around I just decided to start speaking on what’s on my heart that week and the episodes began to form themselves. I am excited to present to you the iTunes launching of “the Pastor Fury Podcast” In two days from the time of my publishing this post it will be searchable in iTunes, and can as of now, be subscribed to in iTunes.
This is something that I hope will encourage a lot of folks and hopefully start a lot of worthwhile conversation with people of all kinds.
As I reflect on this journey, not that I have accomplished anything that spectacular, I see a lot of bumpy roads God lead me through. I see a lot of failed attempts at creating and recreating and recreating. I see a lot of words left unshared and dreams left on the table.
However, bigger than my struggles, I also see something started.
There is such great value in the start.
So many things in life are unaccomplished, because no one determined to start. What if the heroes in history never began. All journeys start with a single step.
Is there a big dream you are wanting to accomplish? Is there a huge God-sized vision that you feel a burden to fulfill?
Well there is always one way to be sure never to accomplish that…never start.
There is something to be said about just getting out of the starting blocks. There is always a way to improve something. Excellence is always something to strive towards. But if your idea of excellence keeps you on the sidelines, then good enough today, beats perfect later. You never know if and when later will come.
Seize your moment!
Looking for more on the struggle with a failure to launch? Read this book.
So what are you vowing to JUST START? Share below and allow us to encourage you. YOU CAN DO IT!