Welcome to episode 4 of the Pastor Fury Podcast!
This week’s episode will feature a discussion of the top social networks and an introduction of my personal rating system called, The Fury Factor. Join in the conversation at ArmanSheffey.com, or any of my social platforms, to give your feedback on the networks discussed. In this episode you will discover ways that we can be “the light” in our networks.

Focus Verse: Matthew 5:16
“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

What is the Fury Factor?
It is a 7 point scale for rating things I will be discussing on the podcast from time to time.
[Worst – to – Best]
1: Skubala
2: Wanting
3: Cheek Turner
4: Christian Side Hug
5: Fist Bump
6: Amen
7: Flawless Victory
As we discuss each social network we will look at three characteristics
1) Social? 2)  Cool? 3) Value Added?
Summary of Countdown and Fury Factor Ratings:
10. My Space
9. Flikr
8. VK
7. Instagram
Social: 4
Cool: 5
Value Added: 3
Mention: Sue B. Zimmerman | Instagram | Group Discussing Instagram for Business
Light it Up: 5 sec inspirational videos, inspirational pics
Social: 5
Cool: 5
Value Added: 3
Light It Up: inspirational blogs, uplifting gifs
5. Google+
Social: 5
Cool: 4
Value Added: 4
Light It Up: inspirational posts, mentoring in hangouts
4. Pinterest
Social: 3
Cool: 5
Value Added: 5
Light It Up: create boards for favorite sermon videos, inspirational pic quotes
3. Linked In
Social: 3
Cool: 2
Value Added: 5
Light It Up: recommend and uplift others spirits by acknowledging their skills, congratulating when new job is received, etc.
2. Twitter
Social: 5
Cool: 5
Value Added: 6
Mention: Be on the look out for a Twitter Tutorial (Twitorial). Subscribe to ArmanSheffey.com posts to get that Twitorial sent to you. Will be only available to subscribers upon release.
Light It Up: pray for ways to speak into the hashtags that trend, seek out people tagging cries for help, share helpful resources.
1. Facebook
Social: 6
Cool: 4
Value Added: 5
Light it Up: share your church’s sermons, bible verses, invites to church, occasionally post encouraging posts on friends timelines
Join the conversation by commenting below with your thoughts and ratings for these social networks or others not mentioned. Leave a voicemail by clicking the voice mail button to the right, or let’s be social on some of the networks above. Clicking the links of the networks will take you to my profile there.
Let’s talk. 🙂
Fury Out!

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