Have you ever been up against something that seems to have you pinned down? Have you felt near the end of your strength? I mean YOUR WORLD seems to be on the brink of destruction and hope is seeming just out of reach. Understand me…I KNOW that Jesus is my hope, but there are times when your pain feels so deep that it seems to take you down into the abyss with it. If you too consider yourself a minister of the Gospel, it is especially important that you and I both remember some truths of God’s faithfulness and His ever constant love.
In this message, shared at the Resurgence Conference 2013, Dr. Crawford Loritts spoke to that and many soul care issues of ministry leaders. I think this message is a must view for all in ministry or considering ministry and would still do a work in the lives of those who are simply trying to follow Christ, but encountering the inevitable difficulties of life.
Personally the final 15 minutes of the message broke into my day like a shot of adrenalin or as if the Lord reached down and administered CPR on my heart ache. It is not as though my present trial is over but another pill of encouragement ingested.
Praise God that he doesn’t simply heal me and send me on my way but calls me back to His well night and day, as I know my heart and mind are prone to wander.
Praising Him amidst my storm, knowing that “He’s got this!!!”