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As I write I am two days away from God birthing something new. The teams are gathered, plans have been made, pieces are in place, and we have prayed and prayed.
After months of talking we are going. Starting this Sunday and the five months following we will be doing monthly services at the College of Lake County, which is going to be the new home for the second site of Torch Church.
Easter will be the official weekly service launch of Torch Church Oasis.

For me this is such a tremendous undertaking, as I will be the campus pastor at this location. I feel underprepared and a bit overwhelmed. However, I know God has not changed. He is the same God that gave Moses words and the ability to speak. He’s the same God that was with Joseph in the pit and prison for years. That same God will empower me and go before me as he has done for over 35 years.
That God has called me and will pay for all that He has ordered. Celebrate with me in advance. Pray for me as you read. And be with me in spirit as we go and follow God’s call on our lives.
This weekend will change my life.
This weekend is a weekend that I will never forget. This weekend is a weekend that the people that go with me will always remember.
This weekend more people will have the opportunity to come to know that Jesus who transforms lives forever.
This weekend: It Begins.