As my vacation wraps up on my final day of fun and relaxation in Corolla NC, I am now struck with the Sunday night effect. You know what I mean… The feeling of mild dread as the weekend closes and Monday morning looms. It is the understanding that an awesome experience is at its closes and the day to day is on its way back into view.
During this trip God has given me a revival of sorts. My quiet times have been so amazing and filled with such fresh spirit and newness with each morning basking in the early morning sunrise as the Lord speaks truth into my heart. I am now thinking about how to make this experience resonate throughout my days upon my return home.
Here are a few things that I have come up with as a strategy for sustaining your vacation, even at home.


  • Enjoy each moment
  • Soak up lessons from the Lord
  • Share the joy with others


  • Write down memories
  • Journal about profound experiences
  • Photograph and Film moments


  • Search for similar jewels and treasures in daily life
  • Apply lessons from the experience to today’s moments
  • Ask the Lord to fill today with refreshing moments of revival

As you allow the vacation experience to interact with the day to day and find intersections between your getaway and your today, you can turn a week off into the start of one of the most fruitful seasons of your life.
I know that’s what I plan to do. I start my days of travel back home today; let’s let the fruitfulness begin.

What are some of the ways that you make sure to return from vaction in good spirits and continue to experience the joys of your trip?