Friends have always been a very dynamic part of my life. I have defintiely been on the low end of friendships, where it has been hard to look around and point out who’s truly with me. However, I have been blessed in most of my adult life to be continually srrounded by people who have my back. Most recently, I have seen a deeper set of friendships develop.
In July, my family will be traveling with friends to North Carolina on a week long trip to the coast. Exciting! Well, truth be told, outside of just some down time I wasn’t SUPER thrilled of the location. However, thinking about it for a moment, I discovered that this was the state that played home to Elevation Church.

Elevation Church is a church that I have admired since joining Torch Church, where I was introduced to Pastor Steven Furtick’s video teaching one Sunday morning. I was hooked! I subscribe to the podcasts, blogs, watch their videos, and find in many ways our church looks to them as a good example of one way to reach people for Jesus.
I say all this to say that I was PUMPED about the prospect of getting to visit the church some point in our trip. The problem arose when I discovered that Elevation’s home of Charlotte was 6-7 hours away from our destination and not quite on the way even. At that realization I did not plan on others traveling with but my heart was set on going, even if alone.
Yesterday I discovered that the group was down. They were helping to develop plans and hotel accomodations in Charlotte to make it work. This might seem like a small thing to some, but when you realize that you’ve got friends like that…you know the “7 hours out of the way” variety, it is a game changer.

Share this with friends who have shown you that you are worth a detour…You know those friends that always have your back… Those are the friends that show you another shade of family. This is the family that I get to CHOOSE.