“Wear your blessings well.” It is a phrasing that I saw on a friend’s Facebook post not too long ago. It sparked my thinking and inspired this blog post. I know that each of us has been blessed, gifted by the father with spiritual gifts, earthly gifts/blessings. Often times the difference between abundant living as Jesus instructed us to enjoy and normalcy is our abilities to truly wear our blessings well. So what are some ways that we can wear our blessings well? I’m glad you asked.
Do not hide them in guilt.
What good is it that God gives you good and perfect gifts, if you hide them? Often you can feel undeserving of such gifts, feeling that God should have given them to someone better. Don’t second guess God’s judgment. He knows you more than you do and chose in His infinite wisdom to bless you with such gifts.
Do not ignore or neglect them.
Nothing offends and upsets like someone wasting or neglecting a gift that you’ve given them. Have you ever taken the time to plan a gift that in your estimation the receiver would absolutely love? Then you discover that they regifted that present at their holiday party at the office. Have you regifted your blessing without ever enjoying it?
Do protect them
Guard those gifts like that new pair of Jordan’s from your youth.
You kept them clean, and took great care of them. You wouldnt play in the mud with them on but wore them on the fitting occasions. What if you stewarded your Godly gifts like that?
Do share them
There is actually not only nothing wrong with “sharing” your gifts. these gifts, spiritual and natural were entrusted to you because in order for you to use them to bless and build up the body of Christ. you must share them. Just make sure that you experience them as well. There is nothing like getting a gift but never getting an opportunity to enjoy it and it’s fruits. Share your gifts with the world like cupcakes with the class on your 8th birthday. You can eat one too!