As my day winds down and the busyness of another “GO” day starts to become an easy evening, I count my blessings. It doesn’t take much effort to find myself caught up in project completion mode, but it takes intentionality to find a place of calm unattached to the tasks.
In so many clear ways, Jesus is the obvious place of calm, the refuge, my rest. Here’s my problem: getting to truly finding significant connection to Him amidst my whirlwind. I have had trouble enough consistently devoting a space for God in each and every day. There are days when it seems like I choose so many people pleasing things over pleasing the Lord with my presence and attention. But that is something that when the winds get rough I know to button down the hatch and hideaway with Jesus.
However, I continually find myself in a one man boat furiously paddling in the middle of life’s ocean. It can be so difficult in the midst of the storm to find Jesus. Is He in the waves that crash hard rocking you to and fro? Is he in the oar that propels you through the rough seas? Is Jesus to be found on the distant shore cheering you along praying you to safety?
By the way I struggle away and strive toward my goals, you would think that my view of Jesus is definitely the sweet guy with pom poms inspiring, encouraging, and cheering me on toward my goal.
That almost makes sense, except for the utter ridiculousness of it all.
The point to my life can’t be working, sweating, building… In the name of Jesus.
It must be closeness with Jesus…communion with Jesus…CHRIST-LIKENESS.
Despite my efforts I can’t sweat my way into His image. I can’t do enough right to become more like Him. You become more like who you are around. That is a simple concept.
So when we find ourselves in a storm…
Let’s not only praise Him in it, but praise Him for it…
Not only should we have the confidence of His presence within us but the faith that He will take us from glory to glory. Put down the oar and pick up your “Jesus Peace.”
As we intentionally focus our heart on the Spirit of God within us we must also pull focus from our striving to please and our need for worldly attaboys. You can’t rest and row at the same time. Let the Lord’s rest overwhelm you and stop filling your boat as I have with the sweat of another days work.
Looking at your work/rest patterns what suggestions would you give others for balancing it all?
What areas do you need less strife and more LIFE?