Pay Before You Pump

Standing in the cold speaking to Jesus as I gassed up my car this morning, I had a revelation.
If you did not read my blog insufficient funds, basically I discussed my need for deeper connection with Christ.

I had discovered recently that I continue to make withdrawals on my spiritual account without making deposits.
This morning at the pump it was a extenuation of that thought.
I saw the following sticker on the gas pump that we see at many gas stations.

It got me to thinking how many times I have tried to get spiritual fuel without actually paying for it.

Paying comes from tight connection to Christ; it comes from knowing Jesus closely; it comes from discipline in staying in his Word; it comes from consistent prayer.
Don’t be surprised when you feel as though you are running on empty. Have you checked your tank? Have you too been essentially trying to get fueled up without making payment?
Oh and guess what? This pump is Old School. You can’t swipe and pay at the pump here.
Are you standing at the pump trying to fuel up without seeing the cashier first?
Maybe this week is a great time for you to balance your account….to make some deposits, to pay the cashier, to get filled up!