On a fabulous journey in the streets of Rome, I discovered the joy of peace and rest found in quiet. I walked up and down the 135 steps in la Piazza Di Spagna.

I wandered my way over to the fabulous Trevi Fountain and then off to Piazza Venezia for a view of the famous Roman monument, Il Vittoriano and the tomb of the unknown soldier.

However, this blog is not about all of these great landmarks, it’s not about the delicious pizza a taglia or a quiet night in this great city of history. It’s about OBEDIENCE.
How I long to grow deeper in my ability to radically obey. I surprise myself at my lack of courage. I take solace in knowing that even spiritual greats have suffered the same, but victory must come soon. I must begin diligently praying for strength in that area.
This most recent moment of cowardice came after praying that the Lord be present in my journey and show himself to me along the way. As this lil trip has progressed we have encountered many homeless, handicapped, and desolate citizens of Rome. Many have been begging or laying prostrate praying for passerbys to share their charity. None of them had I felt led to give to.
However, this night was different. As I walked swiftly and with purpose to the monument I saw a man making a bed in the nook by a doorway. He did not look my way, he did not have a cup out to receive funds or in any way seek charity. His focused desire to create a home where he could, simply touched me, unlike any other.
I was drawn to him but continued on to my destination. I arrived minutes later and had effectively removed the man from my memory and took my photos of the monument. Feeling accomplished after my journey, I proceeded back to down the way I came and again was drawn to the man  in the doorway.
This time I knew that it was the Lord drawing me to Him, not to give money or pity but simply to offer acknowledgement, comfort of human interaction and concern.
I felt my savior knocking on the door of my heart, seeking residence for the night. I sensed this was the Lord saying I am present as you asked and the love you show for Him you show for me.
Here is the embarrassment, I kept walking.
I did not slow my pace…
I did not offer a glance…
I kept my face forward and kept walking.
Then I began seeking forgiveness immediately claiming to Jesus that I was behind schedule and could not be late for my train. I said in my heart, Lord if you really want me to go back and speak for you I will, but I need a sure sign.
I then checked the map on my phone pretending as though I needed directions, honestly attempting to escape the appearance of a sign to compell me to turn around.
Then he hit me! The first street that appeared was this, “Viale Ippocrate,”
which translated means street of the hypocrite.  
That was… Is ME!
I spend so much of my time and energy discussing the importance of relationship with Jesus. So many times I stress hearing from God. I mean that is what this blog is all about.
But let’s get real… What good is clarity without courage? You can clearly hear the word of the Lord but not respond with obedient action. Actually the fate of those that are called and don’t answer or hear and ignore is worse than those who are ignorant to His truth.

But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” James 1:22 NLT

I thank God for His patience and The remainder of the trip I am praying that The Holy Spirit work the kinks out of my nappy Hear/Do. I seek a sweet perm of obedience.  I better get back to The Sweet Jesus Salon.
Be blessed and be a blessing.

[Watch on YouTube to read the interactive transcript in English]