Well I kinda feel like it is a birthday of sorts…
Definitely a reson to celebrate!!!
I have reached 100 posts! That is 100 hundred opportunities the Lord blessed me with to be used by Him to change lives!

I think that it is so appropriate that it comes today, Ash Wednesday.
This has been a day marked by such significance for me in the past years since devoting my life to Jesus.

Jesus has caused such growth in me over the years and most times the catalyst has been the Lenten season.

During this time of penance and prayer, self reflection and devotion, I often have taken on one significant fast or another. Always take another step into a more difficult challenge than the last.

This season will be a little bit different.

In the past month I have been reading an excellent book, “Margin” by Richard Swenson.

It has really challenged me to look at the way we do life, and more importantly the way I run my life. As much as my life is filled with valuable pursuits, it is still very much characterized by extreme living and not the lifestyle of a marathon champion that I know Jesus is calling me to be.

It has been made very clear that my calling for this Lent is BALANCE!

No more 100% or 0% living.

I am called to discover and live along that fine line!

Having said all that I am going to be undertaking a new challenge for Lent. I am giving up EXTREMES!

I will be chronicling my journey on another site that will be dedicated to the pursuit of balance.
I will be attacking my Health, Priorities, Finances, and Emotions and striving for balance in each.
The goal being to become not simply better but consistent.

I will probably pop in over here with my weekly reflection, but to follow the daily journey or find resources and guidance in your own balance act, go to http://40daysofbalance.wordpress.com aka “The Fine Line.”

I hope to hear your comments, intereactions about your stage in the journey and how my struggles and successes have encouraged you.

Be blessed and be a blessing!