There was a great quote I heard at a dinner party last night, “a weed is just a flower that is out of place.” I thought this was so sweet and deep in a way. I mean the clarity in that bit of truth is that there is a time, season, place, for everything under the sun. A weed in one garden is the rose of another. I had been thinking all night that this was something that needed to be shared.

I took out my handy audio note app just moments ago as we lay in bed and proceeded to record that quote. Then the most awesome thing happened, Lariza, my wife spoke. She said something that was so right on!

She said, “You know that weed is only out of place from a human’s eye.”

I was like—– wow! Totally!

God put that weed there for a purpose. Truthfully it is only called a weed by those knowledgeable of the “art” of gardening. Otherwise it is simply a “wildflower.”

God does not see that weed and deem it any less beautiful or important than the other “pretty” flowers. His plans consistently involve a diverse group of parts to work together to make the whole. This “weed” plays a role, even if we don’t see it.

Imagine your life as the garden right now. Your dream plan for your future might be covered with heavenly scented pink roses and tulips. But maybe God’s dream is that you find beauty in the wildflower. What if he is building for you a garden of wildflowers? If that’s true imagine what you’re missing in your race to craft the perfect garden according to “your” plan?

Seek the Lord for his blueprint. Our blessings aren’t always beautiful at first. You might be discarding God’s best for your life and simply calling it, “just another weed.”

Be blessed and be a blessing!