Today at work I had the privilege of discovering a big discrepancy in communication of evaluation strategies for our students.

My company is an awesome alternative education program with learning centers throughout the nation. When evaluating students we use an alternative scale as opposed to the A- F that most are familiar with. We evaluate students based on their goals and our expectations for the student, looking at their effort as well as their academic progress.  Often times this rating scale is translated into a letter grade so those that are used to that format would see something that they recognize and understand.

Today during my conversations with colleagues I discovered that there were a few regions that were not using the same evaluation pattern. With some regions scoring one way and others scoring another way, there is room for confusion and inconsistencies.  Today was a day of realigning our strategies. We needed to get on the same page.

We all had the best for the students in mind, but because we were not following the same plan the students could end up being misevaluated and ultimately pay the price. I had to see our supervisor and the procedure manual that he aided in creating that pointed out the correct evaluating procedure. It was becoming clear that these leaders had yet to review this portion of the manual. It was a very simple mixup to straighten out that will positively impact around 600 students. That’s big impact.

What is the eternal take away today?

I must ask you and myself, what is our life evaluation strategy? What does our supervisor say? Are we using the same evaluation methods that he would have us use?

Jesus and His word are the rubric, the scale, the measure of our success. We have been fashioned too much by a world with a moving rating system that always has us on the bottom rung of the success ladder. Ask around. How much money would you need to feel rich? The answer tends to be 50% increase no matter what income you are at. 

God has a rock solid marker for success. WHAT IS SUCCESS? Becoming more like Jesus.

We need to get on the same page with God and his plan for us. He has provided a perfect procedure manual that is never out of date and needs no addendums.

Here’s the real question. 

Many of us are well intentioned, and have the best in mind, but don’t know what the plan is. Why? We haven’t checked the manual.  Why do we think that living life like common people will bring us extraordinary results. We need to be something “extra”, which simply means allowing the God of the universe into our hearts through prayer and our lives through obedience to what he leads us to do.

I know this is a common thought, but the Bible teaches us how to live. Life won’t be easy, but we are promised it will be worth it, if we do it right.

Psalm 119:35 NIV
Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.
Psalm 119:105 NIV
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
Proverbs 12:28 NIV

In the way of righteousness there is life; along that path is immortality.

Why do so many of us try to reinvent the wheel?

Why do we feel that we are smarter than every generation before us?
Listen to your supervisor. He has a successful action plan created and is going to evaluate you one day based on your faith in Him as the example. Jesus Christ is not only the supervisor, but He wants you to allow him to be the Cheif Operating Officer, Cheif Financial Officer, and the Cheif Executive Officer of your life.

Is today your day? It’s up to you. It is a simple thing and the most important thing to get straightened out. Get on the same page with Jesus; there can be no decision with greater impact on your life. It saves it!

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